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800g Jumbo Kangaroo Island Free Range Eggs


600g Large Kangaroo Island Free Range Eggs


700g X-Large Kangaroo Island Free Range Eggs


500g Medium Kangaroo Island Free Range Eggs


300g Large Kangaroo Island Free Range Eggs (half dozen)



If your business would like to stock or use our eggs in store or on your menu please contact us so we can assist you! 

Check out our contact page for contact details. 



Free range eggs are a great source of nutrition! Free range eggs contain several essential vitamins and minerals.

They are high in quality protein, healthy fats, including Omega 3, and other important antioxidants. Not only are our free range eggs full of nutrition, they taste great, are great for multi-purpose cooking needs and are a high quality food source to be a part of a well balanced diet.

​You can find more nutrition information on the  BBC Good Food website.

If you'd like some cooking inspiration, check out our Recipes page.





We love showcasing the wonderful feedback from our customers! Here are a few of the messages we’ve received:

“It’s rare that I’m so impressed by a product that I actually write to thank the producers. I’m vegetarian and very particular about what I eat and the ethics of how it’s produced. I usually get my eggs from a friend who has backyard chooks but when hers went off the lay a couple of months ago I picked up a pack of yours. And I have to say they are the nicest eggs I’ve ever tasted! And I’m only eating yours now. Thank you.” — Wendy

“First of all: your eggs are quite easily the best tasting eggs that I have ever come across. I say this with some authority, eating eggs almost every day for breakfast these past 24 years of my life. It is a true joy of my partner’s and mine morning to wake up knowing that we’ll be eating the very best eggs that living in the city has to offer. Secondly, the way you operate your farm is simply outstanding and an example for all in the industry. It is with great pleasure and honour that I salute you. Please keep providing us in Melbourne with your quality produce.” — Shaan

“Good morning. We enjoy your product and just thought we’d share the fact that in the last batch of your eggs that we bought 11 out of the 12 were massive double yolks. We thought this was pretty unusual, certainly for us, and thought it may be of some use to you(?) Best Regards.”— Deane

If you’d like to let us know about your eggsperience with our products, please fill out our form below!

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